About Us/Kona ba ami

The East Timor Community Centre is made up of Timorese and Australian volunteers learning and teaching each other for the wellbeing of all.

The East Timor Community Centre strengthens relationships between people from East Timor and Australian people and provides assistance to East Timorese people in South East Queensland.

The objectives of the East Timor Community Centre areL:-

1. Promote Community Development and facilitate spiritual and cultural activities

2. Provide support, outreach and advocacy for East Timorese families and individuals who are in need.

3. Assist prospective East Timorese students in accessing educational institutions.

4. Facilitate and develop networks and activities between East Timorese people and with others involved with East Timor.

5. Provide information and conduct activities to increase awareness about East Timor.

6. Promote tourism and cultural exchange.

7. Cooperate with individual people and agencies which support our vision and objectives.


Mario Ricardo - Chairperson
Sr Odete Moreira - Pastoral Care
Matilde Bell - Treasurer
Wendy Ricardo - Secretary
Crissantos da Conceicao - Student Coordinator & Sports Coordinator
Lonnie Moniz - Family Coordinator & Sports Coordinator
Lita Baretto - Food Coordinator
Mouzinho Lopes & Jennifer Scott - ETCC Journalist